Dr. Fahim Uddin

Data Analytics Instructor

Dr. Fahim is dedicated his career towards I.T Education, Skills, and Experience to the real-world use and keep building my skills via job endeavors and elevated challenges. He is committed to become a constructive Professor (Teacher and Instructor), Researcher, and Data Scientist through the lens of real-world job responsibilities and learning curves.

He is motivated and prepared to teach several core, elective, and special topics in the fields of Software Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity, Data Science (Machine learning), Artificial Intelligence, and Electrical/Biomedical Engineering. In conjunction with existing courses offering at your institution and on advice of existing faculty and heads, we can further customize the curriculum as/if needed.

Qualifications and Education:

University of Bridgeport, CT, USA - PhD in Computer Science (Machine Learning and Data Science)

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