Why Data Scientist is The Most Promising Job of 2019 and beyond

Why Data Scientist is The Most Promising Job of 2019 and beyond

With the advancements being made in the field of technology, the data science is progressing from datasets cleaning to using statistical techniques to incorporate data analysis, data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning, occupational intelligence, and many other things. Many people have this thought that the tech industry is making a hype about data science, and it will eventually go away. But unfortunately, this is not the truth. The reality is data science is just expanding and stretching from one field to another. The reason behind this growing popularity is its diversity as it is being used in almost every industry we can think of, such as logistics and transportation, retail and e-commerce, finance, real estate, health-care and off-course technology, and cyber industry.


The fascinating fact about this field is that anyone can use it, even you. The employer will welcome you with open arms if he gets to know that you are a skilled person who can manage structured, unstructured and even semi-structured data. If you can discover a data insight and can develop a data product, then you will possibly be the first choice of the hirers and employers.

Every company or client wants the well-being of their business and for that who better to hire than a data scientist, who is an expert in controlling, managing, and taming all the data using data science.


A data scientist is a professional person who oversees gathering, investigating and interpreting huge heaps of data. He plays a very technical role as a scientist, statistician, and mathematician and yes definitely as a computer expert. His job technicalities also include predictive modeling and machine learning. His abilities are far from any particular field, and he is the master of all.

His good communication skill makes him a kind of bridge between stakeholders and management, where he can share and discuss the different situations and what kind of solution he is going to offer. He is responsible for data understanding and taking actionable steps using it.

A data scientist practically does everything. He is very much motivated to achieve practically positive business impacts, using his ideas and a strong passion for data analysis. He is considered to be the problem solver in the organization, and his ability to use new technologies and skills make him an exceptional employee.

Reasons why data scientist is the most promising job of 2019 And Beyond:

Shortage of data scientists

It is very difficult to imagine that there is a shortage of certain kinds of professionals, right? Our human brain thinks that out of 7.5 billion people in the world, how come there is a shortage of any certain types of professionals. Well, back in 2015, there were very fewer employment opportunities for data scientists, but by the end of the year, 2018, things were changed drastically.

According to a workforce report by LinkedIn published in 2018, the United States was facing a shortage of data scientists. They even released a number (151,171), which shows how the much US was short on data scientists. Since then, the demand for data scientists has never ended. Almost every company or business organization is looking for a talented data scientist who will work for them. These companies are ready to hire the data scientists on average six-figure salaries (annually); the only demand they have in return is technical skills.

Popularity and high demand

From the last few years, it has been observed that more and more people are taking part in data science boot camps to learn about data science. The reasons behind this are the people working as data scientists are earning a fat paycheck, they don’t have long working hours (unless there is an issue) and they are considered to be their boss.

Many different kinds of research have also been carried out where data scientist has been ranked as the best job of 2019, and it has also been acknowledged as the job of the century. Harvard business school has also voted the data scientist to be the in-demand job of 2019. Some of the aspects that bring jaw-dropping popularity to this job are; amazing salaries, career advancement, the annual increase in the number of jobs and wide-ranging regional availability, and high job satisfaction.

Many people think that the popularity given to data science is fake, but the truth is far from it. It is possibly the most deserved field for any such popularity, which makes it the most promising job of 2020

Career advancement

Being a professional in the field of data science or being a data scientist doesn’t mean that you will not be promoted to a more executive job. This field is vast, and therefore more executive jobs with high paying salaries are always waiting for expert data scientists. Career advancements can provide a safer future where, along with the good pay, other facilities will also be provided.

Here are some of the executive jobs that a data scientist can avail:

Data Architect

This person works as an expert who is responsible for assisting, maintaining and designing data and its structure. He strategizes and develops efficiency models for better data visualization.

Big Data Engineer

A big data engineer is accountable for changing and examining large quantities of data for developing data insights, which will be of certain business value. The processed data will be used by management and business executive to enhance their business operations. He will analyze incoming and outgoing data and create a report for the organization according to this analyzed and processed data.

Database Manager

In the organization, these managers oversee maintaining databases. They also have to handle, diagnose, and fix the issues as fast as they can. These professionals are also responsible for managing the hardware of the systems for better work competence.

Business Intelligence Analyst

This professional is an advanced form of data scientist. He is responsible for evaluating the data and converting it into useful information for better work proficiency. Information provided by Business Intelligence Analyst is used by the director and other executive officers of the organization. He is also responsible for craft data reports, which help make data-driven decisions.

Data Analytics Manager

Data scientists who have strong analytics, management skills, and business understanding are possibly the best contestant for the job of data analytics manager. These people help in making the best business decisions using discovered data insights. With the rapid advancements, the demand for data analytics manager is also increasing.

Fulfilling organizational needs

Many business companies and organizations are struggling to manage their data nowadays. They need to keep a record of every data they collect from their customers for better work effectiveness. Therefore a data scientist is the only person who can fulfill such needs as they can do finance, accounting, computer-related work, and even marketing. A good data scientist is more important than any other employee in the company. They meet a lot of organizational needs as compared to anyone else.


Here comes the most captivating part of this job, which is its salary. As we already know that with the shortage of data scientists and their high demand in the industry, the salary of the data scientist will be increased. Most of the data scientists are earning a total of five to six digits long salary per year.

We have made a list of average annual salary (in US dollars) of the data scientist in different parts of the world:

  • USA- $107,000 to $137,500
  • Australia- $111,000
  • Britain- $66,000
  • China- $41,000
  • South Africa- $26,700
  • Kenya- $16,000

I guess now we all know why data scientist is the most promising job of 2020 but do you still think that it is not the most promising job of 2019 and beyond? Well, we suggest you think again.


To be a data scientist, you don’t need a variety of different degrees if you have a bachelor's degree, and if it is in any field related to mathematics, accounts, business, computing, and IT, then you are good to go. You can even take part in any data science training programs. Below listed are some great certified training programs, which can be helpful to get you a nice job:

  • CAP (Certified Analytics Professional)
  • DASCA (Data Science Council of America)
  • Cloudera


If you have good software and problem-solving skills and a good hold of other studies such as accounts and mathematics and you know how to manage stuff and take actions at the time of emergency, then data science is a field for you.

Data science is a high earning career with also increasing demand in the industry. It is an exciting field where new advances are always being made. Also, it is relatively easy to get in the field just by taking a few courses.

All these things collectively make data scientists be the most promising job of 2019 and beyond.

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