As internet penetration grows around the world, web development becomes one of the most sought-after professions. Web developers are the driving force behind the World Wide Web because the applications and platforms that they create form its fuel. Therefore, the demand for professionals in various domains of this field are in-demand.

The lucrative prospects in web development are motivating many people to opt for this field. New graduates are picking this as their field of study and already established professionals are also in search of opportunities which allow them to switch jobs easily. Web development bootcamps provide the perfect solution in this scenario.

However, the question which many individuals ask is that whether web development bootcamps are worth the investment or not. Here is a comprehensive answer.

What is a bootcamp?

Following the dictionary definition, a bootcamp is simply a training program that is put together to prepare for an event in a short time. Web development bootcamps serve a similar purpose. They provide practical training and knowledge regarding the latest tools, techniques and skills required in web development. The curriculum is a rich mix of all the subjects which a web development professional may require.

Why look for a career in web development?

Web development is one of the fastest growing professional arenas especially in the US. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that the 15% annual growth rate in web development jobs is the highest as compared to any other field. This means that the potential for employment is on the rise. Unemployment levels are also low and the only thing standing between a web development professional and a sound career is the skill gap, if any.

The growth in experience that comes with a bootcamp

Web development bootcamps are now, increasingly being offered by several institutions. Even leading universities are introducing bootcamps to help students join this dynamic field. A bootcamp is not just a few weeks of lectures followed by an exam. There are designed to provide a complete experience to the students about what working in the field is like.

The curriculum of bootcamps is set by highly qualified professors and industry experts. They make sure that people who enroll for the program are shown the ropes properly. There are lab sessions, case studies, model-oriented learning and practical experiences which ensure that once the person graduates, they are up to date with the challenges of the industry and that they can account for the skill gap effectively.

Web development bootcamp benefits

The benefits which a bootcamp can bring to the professional development of an individual are profound. They aid in experiential learning and promote career prospects. It allows people to learn one of the hottest skills in the world in a short time while being cost effective at the same time. They also offer flexible schedules which means that they are feasible even for people who have other on-going commitments.

Average web development professional salaries

Besides the experience and learning, there is another aspect which motivates people to switch careers. The salaries for web development professionals are constantly on the rise. While the average pay for a web developer lies around $80,000 a year, there are senior roles which offer much more extravagant pay-checks. 

Web developers can choose whether to work as a freelancer or with an organization. For freelancers, the payments can fluctuate. An experienced individual who can manage to land appropriate clients can make as much as $150,000 a year. If the clients are hard to find this number can drop too. On the other hand, people with enough experience to land a senior or manager level position can earn up to $95,000. 

So, will a bootcamp be worth it?

Considering all that we have just discussed, making a call on the worth of web development is easy. Companies complain that their biggest challenge is the skill gap which exists in the market. Candidates who show up for interviews don’t have the right experience that they are looking for. A bootcamp targets this specific issue and imparts the right blend of skills and current experience to students. For more information, get in touch with our Student Advisor today.