Top 5 Azure Certifications: Microsoft Azure Certification Guide

Microsoft Azure has reformed its certifications by introducing a role-based roadmap, Microsoft Azure has made sure to provide not just a state-of-the-art cloud services but also produce experts for the cloud platform. Microsoft Azure certifications assure a career boost. Let’s discuss the roadmap of Azure certifications.

Microsoft Azure is one of the best public cloud services providers in the 21st century and is considered one of the fastest and trusted affiliations by most of the organizations. A demand for Azure certified individuals increases with the number of Microsoft Azure clients in the market, which results in escalation in the value of the skills one obtains during the certification of Microsoft Azure. If you are seeking an opportunity to build a career in the cloud market, Azure certifications could never be neglected.

Need for Microsoft Azure Certifications

Microsoft Azure is recognized worldwide as one of the best cloud providers across the world, one of the reasons for why there exist such notable varieties of opportunities to explore for Microsoft Azure professionals.

The job demands in this domain are continuously rising. The average annual salary for Microsoft Azure certified professionals is around $150,000 to $250,000. why getting Microsoft Azure certifications is a very sound career choice to step in the cloud domain, we will now discuss these certifications in detail.

Reformed Layout of Azure Certifications

If you want to get Azure certifications to secure the job roles currently trending in the market and make the certifications more fruitful and professional, Microsoft reformed the roadmap of certifications targeting the current market demands in the cloud domain as Cloud Administrator, Cloud Developer, Cloud Solutions Architect or DevOps Engineer.

Microsoft Azure offers a variety of exams that must be passed in order to get the title of Azure certified professional. There are five Microsoft certifications that are categorized into three different tiers.

Fundamentals Level Certification: One exam is mandatory to be cleared in order to get a fundamental-level certification

Associate Level Certification: Two associate-level exams are mandatory to be cleared in order to win an associate-level certification

Expert Level Certification: It needs two expert-level exams to be passed. Associate certification is not a prerequisite of Expert level; that is, it's not mandatory to pass the associate level before getting enrolled in the Expert level.




Detail about 3 Tier Roadmap:


Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

This first course falls under the category of fundamental level and is designed for beginners. It promises a good knowledge of essential cloud concepts core Azure concepts like pricing and support.

Exam AZ – 900 for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals:

This exam is mandatory to be passed in order to get Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certification. This exam is introduced to examine the fundamental cloud skills and a basic level of understanding of what Microsoft Azure is.

This exam is optional and not a prerequisite of advanced certifications, which means, a candidate doesn’t have to be Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certified in order to occupy the Associate level certification. One can jump this exam and directly enroll for the exam for the next level.

Prerequisites for this exam include a basic how-know of Cloud Computing Concepts and familiarity with the Microsoft Azure Platform.


This certification level includes:

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Developer

Let’s discuss both in detail.

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator

This certification can lead you to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator. It follows the roadmap that provides a candidate with a variety of Cloud Computing skills. A candidate holding this certification can manage a variety of cloud services like security, networking, and storage.

Associated Exam AZ – 103 for Microsoft Azure Administrator

According to the latest roadmap of Azure certifications, candidates only need to pass Exam AZ -103 Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate. This exam is a replacement for permanently retired AZ – 100 and AZ – 101 exams.

Prerequisites to this exam are fundamental knowledge of Azure applications, OS, and cloud layout.

Microsoft Certified Azure Developer

This is a second associate-level certification by Microsoft Azure. Candidates holding this certification must be efficient in designing and developing cloud applications using Azure tools & technology.

Associated Exam AZ – 203 for Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

AZ – 203, Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam is the only exam that needs to be passed in order to get Microsoft Certified for Azure Developer. This exam is offered to examine the developer skills related to the Azure domain.

Its prerequisites include experience in implementing scalable techniques as a solution and skilled in at least one cloud-supported programming language.


The expert level includes:

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect
  • Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Let's discuss each of these in detail.

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

This certification offered at an expert level is the first one. Candidates have to pass two exams in order to obtain Azure Solutions Architect certification.

  • AZ – 300 Exam for Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
  • AZ – 301 Exam for Microsoft Azure Architect Design

Candidates having this certification must be efficient in transforming business needs into reliable, secure and reliable solutions.

Associated Exam AZ – 300 for Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

This exam that the candidate needs to pass in order to get Solutions Architect certification from Azure is the first one. It examines different IT skills, such as implementing workloads & security and deploying applications.

Prerequisites to this course are basic knowledge about security, data management techniques, and above-average knowledge of DevOps and Azure development.

Associated Exam AZ – 301 for Microsoft Azure Architect Design

This exam needs to be cleared to become a Solutions Architect certified and is the second one. This exam examines the capability of an individual to complete technical tasks such as developing a business plan and infrastructure strategy.

Its prerequisite requirements need Candidates to clear the AZ – 300 exam in order to enroll in AZ – 301 exam.

 Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

This certification also lies under the expert-level class. Candidates having this certification must be efficient enough to implement DevOps methodologies and development processes.

Associated exam AZ – 400 for Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

This exam is mandatory to achieve the role of Azure DevOps Engineer. It examines the ability of a candidate to design and implement different DevOps methodologies.

Its prerequisites include rich knowledge of both Azure development and Azure administration; Candidates must have any two Associate-level Azure certifications.

Retired Azure Certification Exams

Analyzing the modern needs that should be fulfilled in certification programs to earn a promising and sustainable career in the 21st-century market, Microsoft Azure reformed its exams and certifications. The new exams are set up in order to develop advanced skills to acquire success against more advanced challenges.

The retired exams are:

  • 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Solution
  • 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

Transition Exams

Microsoft Azure also offered some transition exams for each one of the retired exams that were valid for some limited period. These transition exams are intended to conform to the updated skills in new exams and were offered for the individuals who had already passed the outdated exams so that they could upgrade their certifications without having to enroll in a whole new exam. As of 30th June 2019, the transition exams are no longer being offered. 

Transition exams include:

  • AZ – 202 - Microsoft Azure Developer Transition as an update to 70-532.
  • AZ – 102 - Microsoft Azure Administrator Transition as an update to 70-533.
  • AZ – 302 - Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Transition as an update to 70-535.

Through these courses, a candidate can learn all about the Azure cloud services, cloud layout, cloud solutions, and much more. These courses promise a bright future after becoming an Azure certified professional.

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