The 8 Best Cybersecurity Companies and Why Are They Best?

Cybersecurity is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It must be because on the other hand, the losses being caused by hackers and other cybercriminals are in trillions. $6 trillion by the end of 2021 to be exact, a number which has seen a surge to become twice as what it was just five years ago. There are several companies around the world working to curb the menace of cybercrime. Some of these include:


The US based company is the leaders in networking and communication. However, through the ownership of several security vendors, they have been able to establish themselves as a cybersecurity specialist too. Now the company itself believes that it is the “largest enterprise security vendor in the world.” Cisco is a household name in networking so we can bank on the fact that they provide comprehensive and exciting security solutions for cyberspaces.


By far the most renowned company in the world, Microsoft has built a name for itself through the Windows platform which powers 80% of all computers in the world today. They have also ventured into the foray of cybersecurity. The most widely used programs in the Microsoft portfolio is Active Directory, a platform for access and identity management. Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing service also provides several cybersecurity solutions.


The company behind Norton antivirus software, Symantec, proclaims to be the “global leader in next-generation cybersecurity.” They do provide some sophisticated solutions to protect business as well as consumer interests when it comes to sensitive data which is stored online. The company has over 350,000 consumers worldwide and this base is continuously on the rise. The Integrated Cyber Defense platform is the flagship product that Symantec creates and distributes.


The next addition to the list is another anti-virus provider. While the company is only famous for these debugging programs, the offerings from them include several other things. McAfee has an impressive clientele, with a good majority of the Fortune100 companies and 80% of all leading banks in the world. These organizations placing their trust in a company like McAfee is testament to the fact they are indeed one of the highly ranked cybersecurity solution providers.

IBM Security

Although IBM was the victim of a ransomware attack themselves, any activity which they perform is highly received and appreciated by the consumers who place their trust in them time and time again. IBM provides cloud-based solutions too with Hyper Protect Services and Network Security. The cloud solutions from IBM include convenience and peach of mind at the same time. Other famous services include QRadar SIEM and incident response program.

Palo Alto Networks

A relatively smaller yet well known company leading the cybersecurity landscape is Palo Alto Networks. The customers include some of the Fortune 100 companies and although the revenue of the company is about $2 billion it still trails some of the leading in only cremedies, The Security Operating Platform is a solution which integrates other products that Palo Alto Networks provides.


Splunk is an extremely decorated and well reputed company when it comes to cybersecurity solutions. The products they sell include Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk Insights for Ransomware and Phantom. It is constantly on the verge of expansion and they recently acquired three more companies which are going to form an integral part of the services that Splunk provides its consumers.

Lockheed Martin

While the first thing that comes to mind when we hear about Lockheed Martin is fighter jets, they are known for providing much more than weapons and military equipment. Their solutions are aimed at the military and defense contractors who are their clients but it also includes cybersecurity solutions. Last year, ransomware also infected healthcare institutes in the US which hints that other branches of the government are also vulnerable. Thus, Lockheed Martin’s venture into cybersecurity.

Final Word

All these companies are expanding their offerings are hiring more people on lucrative positions. The Cybersecurity certifications in New York programs which allow individuals to gain the knowledge and experience to join these organizations are widely available from institutes like Wagner College, New York. If you are looking for more information regarding these courses, get in touch with one of our representatives today.