The rising demand for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has encircled everyone, including adults and older people. Students from all over the world are becoming more tech-savvy and prefer studying multiple technological components in a fast-paced environment.

Among the most demanding trends of the world, the demand for cybersecurity prospects is potentially climbing the ladder of the high-tech industry quickly. Life without the internet is quite impossible for young and ambitious people. Therefore, in this critical condition, learning more about cybersecurity elements and developing relevant skills seems more promising than conventional learning.

Even educational institutes and universities are providing online classes and degree programs to students so they can gain essential cybersecurity skills and further extend their career as a cybersecurity professionals to meet the requirements and security needs of large and small organizations.

Since the need for cybersecurity training is already increasing due to the increasing rate of cybercrimes and thwarts, it is expected that by 2020, the paradigm of the job market will shift profoundly toward cybersecurity roles. This means that students and beginners can expect more job opportunities in the future.

For this purpose, several valuable institutions and universities are offering online cybersecurity degree programs and courses to students. The fee for such programs varies depending on the duration of the program.

To help students with their future, we have aligned a list of the best online cybersecurity degree programs.

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1. Bellevue University

If you’re looking for undergraduate programs, you can join Bellevue University to earn a BS degree in cybersecurity. The university offers an online platform with a flexible learning schedule to help students gain the necessary education while working as a full-time employee. The program lasts for almost 54 weeks and provides affordable online classes to students as compared to other universities and institutes.

2. Kennesaw State University

If you’re looking for a program that highlights the main concerns and issues related to cybersecurity in governmental organizations and companies, then you can join Kennesaw state university for a BS degree program in cybersecurity. The program help students learn about protecting data and valuable information on different data entities and teaches them to evaluate cyber risks while establishing online security. This platform also offers affordable online cybersecurity classes to students so they can obtain a degree and enhance their skills quickly.

3. Texas A&M University - Kingsville

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, the Texas A&M University Kingsville offers 6-month bootcamp program to prepare students for the working world of online security and to develop their concepts about different security systems. The program includes multiple strategies, scenario-based learning, designing systems and controlling them to prevent cyber risks. At a reasonable cost, their program is highly-recommended by cybersecurity experts as they help students achieve 100% future success in the cybersecurity industry.

4. University of Illinois-Springfield

If you’re willing to join an undergraduate degree program that prepares you for different information security systems and also teaches you about risk assessment and security ethics, then the University of Illinois-Springfield is the best option. The online 120-semester hour program help students enhance their cybersecurity skills effectively and land functional job roles in related industries.

5. Penn State World Campus

If you want to enroll in one of the top online cybersecurity degree programs, you can get admission to Penn State World Campus. It is also recognized as an associated part of Penn State University. This university offers quality education and learning experiences to students through their online Bachelors in Security and Risk Analysis degree program. They also provide internship opportunities for students so they can receive cybersecurity training at the same time.

6. Wagner College, NY

If you want to join affordable online cybersecurity classes, you can take admission in Wagner College Bootcamp. The college provides quality education to students online so they can develop their cybersecurity skills and essential concepts related to network and mobile security, database security, and other security systems.

7. Syracuse University

If you’re a student who wants to join the best research university, you can join Syracuse for online Bachelor and Master related degree programs. The students have to complete 120-semester hours for their online undergraduate degree program. The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program includes information about different networks and information systems. It also provides complete guidelines on preventing cyber threats in a fast-paced environment. Further, you can also study Masters in Computer Science to elevate your skills and expand your knowledge related to cybersecurity.

8. Colorado Technical University

If you want to learn more about addressing cyber threats and protecting data in organizations online, you can join Colorado Technical University for both Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. The university follows established standards by CompTIA and enables students to gain practical knowledge about the cybersecurity world by using multiple technological methods in government organizations. This technology-focused university also offers online MS and MSCS programs to students so they can learn more about computer systems and implementing security measures in an organization.

9. Dakota State University

If you have solid career goals and want to start from scratch, you can join Dakota State University. It offers online cybersecurity programs like Bachelor of Computer Science in Cyber Operations, Master of Science in Information Assurance and Systems, Network Administration and Security Specialization to help students learn more about digital crimes and data systems. The bachelor program strengthens the concepts related to programming and mathematics and also helps students to understand the mindset of hackers to address threats immediately. The Master programs allow students to accelerate their career growth and dive deeper into the cybersecurity concepts and information systems.   


This list includes a combination of expensive and affordable online degree programs for students. So, if you're planning to earn a degree in the cybersecurity field, you can enroll in one of these well-crafted online programs to achieve successful growth in your career.

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