We are living in 2019, which is called the era of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Deep Learning, Android and IOS. It is a time when Python and Javascript rule the world. And a lot of technologies are going to be introduced soon.

Importance to Learn Web development

Millions of websites are hosted every day on the internet. Those websites are visited by billions of users that consumed more and more data; it will create a lot of opportunities in the near future. Web development is a tool that connects millions of internet users around the world, increasing web surfers all over the world. With web development, you can get access to all social media platforms and reach out to a massive audience. You can advertise whatever you want and whenever you want.

It makes a lot of things easier for business running communities. It gives businesses to showcase themselves online in front of people from all over the globe. It helps market products and services. Also, it makes your business look more efficient online. It also allows vendors to run their business 24/7 contrary, and it’s not possible if you have a physical shop at some location, also people cannot visit your shop 24/7. But if you put your work online using web development tools, it will boost your business idea. So just go right now learn web development fill up your website with necessary information and boom you are ready to go online.

Popularly there are three types of web developer

  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Full-stack developer

There are literally many ways to learn web development such as,

  • Enroll in any university
  • Get yourself diploma course at any local institute
  • Learn web development via reading books
  • Join boot camp of your choice full-stack developer boot camp, front end web developer boot camp, or back-end developer boot camps.

This blog is mainly put light on learning web development via online courses.

Popular Languages for Web development

Web development is all about programming, content, network security, the configuration of the server, eCommerce, and much more. It doesn’t state any language is better than others, but some are stated popular by developers. Let's discuss 5 important web development languages of 2019.


It is growing exponentially, famous among the programming languages which are dynamic. Of course, it’s open-source and object-oriented programming. It is available freely and allows you to read code easily because It has a clean codebase.

One essential benefit of using python is that supports several programming paradigms. It supports many operating systems, and it is an interpreted web development language. So that one can reuse modifies application code without recompiling. Python web development language allows its developer to make changes with less time.


It is a programming language used mainly to develop interactive front-end. Before the JavaScript web-world was so dull and sad, web pages were static and offered way little user interaction. But JavaScript brings lively animation, eye-catching content and page validation at your service.


C++ is a high-level language backed up by object-oriented programming (OOP). This means they focus more on objects. C++ comes along with strong library support known as Standard Template Library (STL). STL helps programmers in writing codes very fast by providing it with huge library help. It codes faster than several web development languages. It is mainly used in two things; embedded systems & systems programming. It is also known for the safest languages, a good start for beginners because it offers safety of security and features.


Java is the name which comes under advance web development language. Java is famous for being open source and secondly platform-independent. Java is an object-oriented language (OOP). It has a treasure of a vast number of frameworks and libraries, filled with detailed documentation. It helps you create high-level, complex projects, and it can be scaled as required and are easy to maintain. It is kind of challenging to learn and cost a lot more; also, java developers are highly paid in the market.


It is also a high-level programming language. Ever wonder why everyone goes for Ruby in their startup? The below description will explain why that is so.

It was founded in 1990 by Yukihiro Matsumoto. It is also an OOP language. Everything is an object in this web development language unlike other languages that have primitive data types, every value and each class is an object. It has a more comfortable and flexible writing syntax. It is also used as scripting languages for back-end web servers. And also, it runs on all current operating systems.

5 online web development courses to go for

Its never too late to learn web development courses online and for free. This blog was mainly written to make you learn some online courses in web development. It’s not difficult to learn it at any stage, and it makes you updated with new technology.

Let's go through the top five web development courses to learn.


It is a top-rated site that teaches web development and web designing to everyone around the globe. It is free of cost and also provides certification at the end of completing the course. FreeCodeCamp has many levels from beginners to very advanced levels. They also offer video help to students, researchers, and others who wanted to learn deeply.

Khan Academy

Khan academy is a non-profit organization. It was founded by Salman Khan, who wanted to spread free education online for everyone out there. They use video tutorials, articles, lessons and exercises to educate people; they have trusted standards of education. It is not giving certificates but medals, avatars, and also energy points.


It is a 24/7 online platform of tutors for web development courses. It has created a virtual teaching institute where you get straight instruction from experts. The mission is to help everyone online, and here everyone can teach and share. Most of the courses are free or priced less than $200. It also offers certification of completion. Few key characteristics of Udemy are,

  • It offers you a wide range of web development courses online.
  • It has a policy of 30 days returning if you don’t wish to have one.
  • Udemy provides students with discounts and low-cost courses.
  • Courses have ratings and review sessions where people can rate it and comment on the problem.
  • Udemy offers a free preview of any web development course. So that you can be sure before taking it.


Coursera is also an online learning platform for web development. Coursera is founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. It has an extensive catalog with all sorts of web development courses. It is also famously known as Massive Open Online Courses “MOOCs.” It has top universities working within it; also, companies like Google and IBM also partnered with it. It doesn't create educational content itself; universities and companies provide content to it. That later is taken by students and learners online.


It is also famous for being a no-cost online website. I admire Codeacademy in several ways. It was founded in 2011, since then it has introduced millions of software web development courses. They have a well detailed and structured curriculum, and it’s all free. You even don’t have to sign up for a monthly subscription fee. It covers a lot more languages than you think; JavaScript, Rails , HTML, CSS, Sass, AngularJS, ReactJS, Ruby, Command Line, Git, SQL, and Java.


If you are thinking of starting your career in web development, Online web courses are the best way to go for. It is a free way to see if coding works for you or not. Web development is key to the future.

There are many ways to learn web development, such as go for online web development courses or join boot camp of your choice full-stack developer boot camp, front end web developer boot camp, or back-end developer boot camps. This blog states a few popular languages to learn and also an online site where you can get access to online web courses.

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