How You Can Start A Career As A Freelance Web Developer

How You Can Start A Career As A Freelance Web Developer

A web developer is a person who offers innovative Web design, Web Apps, web-software development and cost-effective solutions to its customers. A web developer is someone who should be credited for every website you visit and search for things at. His best quality is that he is able to visualize what his clients want and how is he going to bring those client’s ideas into reality.

Nowadays, people usually prefer to work with a freelance web developer rather than hiring an employee because it increases the efficiency of the work, and they also have to pay relatively less amount to the freelance web developer in comparison to a full-time designer. But a web designer must have ample knowledge about other fields’ as well just to make sure his work is excellent and better than the rest so that he gets an appreciation for his work more than his other counterpart designers.

Firstly we should look at the merits and demerits of being a web developer in order to realize some unknown facts about this area of business:


  • Your life Your rules

Being a web developer means that you are your own boss, and you don’t need to rely on someone to tell you what to do. You can be your own boss always.

  • Good earning

As a freelance web developer, the chances are that you may be able to earn more than a regular web developer employee because you can entertain as many customers as you ant depending upon your needs and skills. The average pay of a freelance web developer annually is assumed to be around $75,000, and a more skilled developer can even earn a hundred thousand.

  • Flexibility in working hours

Another fantastic plus point of being a web developer is that you can work for hours that suit you; they might be morning hours or late night hours. You can always work as a freelancer even after coming back from your regular job to earn some extra dollars.

  • Working from anywhere

You are not supposed to be working from home as a freelancer; you can work pretty much from everywhere. You can be working from your living room, or from a coffee shop or from your bedroom even. You just need to find an environment that is ideal for you.

  • High demand

Since 2011 the employment rate of a freelance web developer is much higher than the rest of the professions.


  • Merging different perspective

A web developer brings clients idea into reality, but the most challenging phase of this (other than programming languages) is that you might need to spare some time for collecting the information about the customers and their fields if you don’t know about it already; after that, you are good to go.

  • High expectations

Web Development is a very complicated task, and many customers tend to expect quick results, which are practically not possible.

Learning Phase

As a young person who is eager to find an ideal career for him, wonder how they can become a freelance web developer, so these are some necessities that you need in order to create your name in the field of web development. Below listed are some far-fetched techniques to make you an astonishing freelance web developer.

The primary necessity to start your life as a web developer you must have ample knowledge about programming languages, by taking in account the technicalities of a web developer, you must know more than one programming language for enhanced work productivity. The common languages used for designing a web are Python, Java, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, C++ and many more. It is considered that the more knowledge you have about these languages, the better web developer you are.

Being a new person in this industry, you have to understand how all of this system work, and therefore, you might have to join an online web development training program. The reason to join such institutes is that they will teach you techniques with the help of which you can imagine what the demands of your clients are.

But how does it all work, right? It is effortless, a web development training programs teaches a student to design a website, it also teaches a designer to manage its content, side scripting, and security structure. New web developers should always join such training programs. As the fees of such training programs are very less, anyone can avail of the chance to join them and learn to earn some bucks easily.

Online coding boot camps were also started for similar purposes as web development training programs. Online coding boot camps refer to rigorous software development programs that comprehend programming languages and coding programs, and these boot camps work on an elementary principal, which means matching different students with mentors, which generally cost cheaper than other academic studies. Whatever that you may learn from here will be helpful in getting you the spotlight as a web developer.

Implementation Phase

This new tech era is producing new freelance web developers, which means that they also have a variety of competitors. But in order to make your work exquisite, you have to put a lot more effort and some execution techniques to make sure that you stand out from regular web developers. People from around the world can learn these simple tricks to make their work more worthy of the client’s attention.

Firstly your portfolio must be eye-catching and you must have particular experience in the field. People do not prefer to get web designers who have little to no experience. Therefore you have to create your own website as a sample of your work, or you can work for different people or companies for free just to add some achievement in your portfolio.

You can add some significance to your product by regularly taking feedback from your customers and asking them to provide you the images of the web they want; in such a way, you will be able to imagine how your customer feels and what are his desires. A happy client can actually be a source of marketing for your work and products. A Web developer always focuses on customer-focused products. Any business can be expanded if the clients have contended with the product if they know that they were involved in every stage of this web designing.

An intelligent web developer works flexibly to satisfy his client with his work. He must be able to connect with the client on an imaginary and emotional level to achieve similar results. Cross communication helps in sorting out the problems that are not visible in the first stage. You should always listen to your clients and use your expertise to sort out the issues and differences; this is how you can make good work relations with your customers. 

Another distinguishing factor that can help you outstand among other web developers is your ability to deliver work on time. Any web developer that can deliver the work before the due date or on the due date is considered professional in the eyes of clients. You can always achieve this by merely providing client regular updates about their webs, and in the end, there would be no possible delay.


It can be evaluated using all the data that in this era, only those people succeed who know how to make their work eye-catching. A web developer should focus on the technicalities of his work, such as learning new programming languages and joining online boot camps but he should also work on customer care. As a web developer, you can create art that impresses every eye; therefore while creating a web, you must consider everyone’s perspective.

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