Does Cybersecurity Bootcamp Worth it?

Does Cybersecurity Bootcamp Worth it?

Over the last decade, our eyes have been opened to a new kind of threat. It is something that no one realized would grow to haunt anyone who uses technology but it has. We’re referring to cybercrime. It is a nuisance that has affected almost every major corporation on the planet with expected losses from these activities predicted to cross $6 trillion by the end of the year.

Companies are spending millions of dollars to bring their cybersecurity infrastructure up to date with the nature of the threats that we face. While everything else is available in abundance, there is a shortage of skilled human resource. It is hard to believe that cybersecurity is a profession with a 0% unemployment rate. The only ones without a job are the ones that fall through the skill gap.

Cybersecurity bootcamps are devised by industry experts to plug this gap. Here’s why they can be worth the investment if they are utilized effectively:

What is covered?

Cybersecurity bootcamps are highly specialized courses which are aimed at imparting the best of all the fundamentals that a person will need in their professional career. There are courses on the basis of hardware and operating systems, networking, security and ethical hacking. In the collection of this, courses are also included that introduce students to Python and Security Analysis etc.

While different bootcamps may offer unique courses, the best ones are those which can address the current situation effectively. As it happens in the outside world, it has to be taught in a practical way inside the digital classroom and this is exactly what the main focus of a bootcamp should be.

Why the rise in popularity?

Cybersecurity is a field where a spontaneous need has emerged. Suddenly, organizations have come to the realization that they are ill-prepared. In the rush, salaries have risen because the demand for professionals has grown. More importantly, however, a new and exciting challenge has emerged. Professionals in the information technology industry now have a field where they can learn and create something amazing.

Salaries and learning opportunities have influenced a rise in popularity for cybersecurity bootcamps. These short crash courses prepare individuals for a new career or a job switch which can brighten their future prospects to a large extent.

How bootcamps help organizations and individuals?

As of now, organizations require appropriately qualified professionals to handle their cybersecurity infrastructures. Sadly, much like every other field, there is a shortage of the ‘right’ people to fill the positions which are becoming available. The curriculum of bootcamps is set in a way that people who join them are taught to the standard that organizations are looking for.

Next, we come to the things which people achieve from bootcamps. A general observation is the industry was that despite a non-existent unemployment rate, people were still jobless in the cybersecurity world because they were missing the right skills. With bootcamps, they are able to enroll for specialized, practical and experiential learning that allows them to bring their skills at par with what organizations are looking for.

The benefits that they offer

The advantages of bootcamps are enormous. First and foremost, they are designed by some of the best minds in the business. Next, they are cost-effective because the fees is affordable and there are several financing options available. Also, the schedules are flexible so individuals don’t have to compromise their current positions if they want to make a job switch. It is the way to a secure future without any major sacrifices.

What are the investments which are required?

The biggest investment is commitment. For those who only have higher salaries as a motivating factor, a cybersecurity bootcamp might not be worth it. The main reason behind this is because these people won’t be able to learn the right skills and retain them for when needed.

In terms of money, a bootcamp is not a huge investment. Some of these programs begin from a few hundred dollars and can go up. However, there are many options in which the fees can be made more manageable.

Final word

In conclusion, a cybersecurity bootcamp can be worth it if an individual is willing to do it justice. For more information, you can contact us at Wagner College today.