Career to start: Cybersecurity vs Web development vs Data science

Career to start: Cybersecurity vs Web development vs Data science

For an individual with a computer science degree or an interest in the field, making a career choice between these three can be tough. Cybersecurity, web development and data science are three of the fastest-growing job markets in the world today. All three have their own unique challenges and evolution, as well as diversification of demands, has sparked active recruitment in them. For a professional-looking to select a career path in any of the three, the ultimate call rests with them.

Cybersecurity, web development and data science are all promising fields with the future looking bright for them. It is not possible to rank one over the other. This is a decision the person must make for themselves. Given below is a brief overview of these three areas of employment.


The threats which industries face today have brought unemployment levels in cybersecurity to 0%. The median salaries have skyrocketed with junior-level professionals taking home an average of $116,000. This number keeps compounding as the responsibilities grow. However, it is alarming that reports indicate almost 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will be unfilled by 2021. Companies report an apparent skill gap between what they are looking for and what candidates bring to the table. A cybersecurity job is easily available for those who fit the bill.

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Web Development

Web developers are riding a wave of technology advancements with mobile technologies putting them on the top of the employment ladder once again. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs in the sector will grow by 15% which is higher than the combined average of the whole job market. Experts report that the biggest shift that companies are looking to deal with is the switch towards smartphones and mobile computing. With the right experience and knowledge, a career in web development is not just sustainable but progressive too.

Data Science

Data science is by far the most lucrative of the three. With the maximum salaries going beyond $220,000 a year, it is the career of choice for anyone who loves data. The field allows professionals to collect, sift through and then interpret big data in a way where it can become beneficial to companies and their strategies. Although it is a field, which businesses have recently realized is useful, the demand for professionals is expected to hold strong for the foreseeable future. Anyone with the right skill set can easily bag a position in one of the many data science roles and continue to grow for a long time.


At the end of the day, cybersecurity, web development, and data science are three different career paths. They might overlap in certain areas but acquiring expertise in one could mean leaving the other two. Which of these careers to pick for a fresh start is a subjective question and the answer to it, depends solely on the person making it. It is about personal preferences and where an individual’s interests lie. 

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