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Monthly Archives: September 2019

  1. Data Science Job Roles and Responsibilities

    Categories: Data Science

    Data scientists are responsible for identifying patterns and exploring the deepness of immense quantities of raw data that can either be structured or unstructured, to help fulfill certain organizational needs and goals. The data scientist role is becoming crucial in sustaining modern-day businesses' needs. Today's businesses depend on data analytics for effective decision-making using key aspects of neural networks and deep learning.

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  2. Cybersecurity Sales Reps are in high demand

    Cybersecurity Sales Reps are in high demand

    Sales representatives are professionals whose task is to sell the products or services that are provided by the company. They directly work for the manufacturer or the provider of the products, goods or services. Sales representative’s customers are usually other companies or organizations who then sell their products to final consumers.

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  3. Cybersecurity Career Pathway

    Cybersecurity Career Pathway

    Cybersecurity is the process that involves the protection of computers, its data, and its serves, electronic and mobile devices, their networks from malicious breaches and digital attacks.

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  4. CompTia Security+ Certification Study Guide

    CompTia Security+ Certification Study Guide

    There are multiple career opportunities for information and cybersecurity professionals. If you don't know where to start and fill this void, start with the CompTIA Security+ certification. This certification course allows you to enhance your knowledge of a wide range of topics such as:

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