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Monthly Archives: August 2019


    It was always an unprecedented thought that internet will become something this imperious in our lives, so much that it is not a desire any more or something which some people have, it has become a need, a necessity which must be there with everyone by default. However, there are still some elements out there who are trying to acquire benefits that are unjustified and illegal. In this context, cybersecurity has become a threat to not only individuals but also corporate giants.

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  2. What Cybersecurity Expert Need to Know

    The foundations of our world have increasingly become dependent on the digital infrastructure that has been built under it. Individuals and organizations have built cyberspaces through which they communicate and share information with one another. The safety of these networks is of utmost importance because every type of sensitive data flows through them.

    Cybersecurity is known as the process of protecting these spaces. Today, it is being threatened by malicious elements who want to make a few easy bucks for themselves. Therefore, each and every place where transactions are happening digitally has come under some form of cyberattack. Despite the seriousness of the situation, many people are still unaware of what’s happening. Here’s what people need to know about cybersecurity:

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  3. Web Development Career Advice and Tips

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    Choosing a good career for your future is never easy. It requires a lot of planning and research, especially when you are confused about deciding which career is right for you. You have to calculate all the odds and the evens to finally come up with a great career plan. However, for some people, it’s still a long journey ahead.

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  4. Web Development In 2019 And Beyond

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    With almost 57% of the world now having internet connectivity, we have become connected as a global village. The boundaries of this community are expanding quite rapidly. Websites, applications and other digital platforms are the places where our identities and relevant information resides. All this infrastructure together has brought a massive revolution in our lives and web development has a crucial role to play in all of it.

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