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Monthly Archives: June 2019

  1. Should I pursue career in web design or web development?

    The internet is a digital space which is expanding rapidly. According to some estimates, there are more than 300 websites launched every minute. Let’s do the math! That 18,000 website every hour and 432,000 every day. Now, it is possible that these predictions vary considerably but they give a slight glimpse in to the extent of growth that we are witnessing.

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  2. Why coding bootcamp still maintains its worth in 2019?

    As internet penetration grows around the world, web development becomes one of the most sought-after professions. Web developers are the driving force behind the World Wide Web because the applications and platforms that they create form its fuel. Therefore, the demand for professionals in various domains of this field are in-demand.

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  3. The 7 Most Essential Full Stack Web Development Tools

    Web development has a lot to do with coding. Developers have to spend hours writing complex commands for websites and applications. Collectively this code controls every functional element of the platform. Naturally, coding is not an easy job but as time progresses, there is a lot being done to aid developers in the quest to write error-free commands.

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  4. Top 5 Tips to become a Web Developer

    As the internet expands, more and more professionals are needed behind the scenes to design, create and launch the websites and applications which constitute it. It is one of the professions which is witnessing the highest growth figures. This rise in job openings shows a rising demand. Moreover, web development is a field which offers a rich mix of experiences and monetary rewards to anyone who is willing to invest resources in the field.

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  5. Why Data Science Has the Lowest Employment Rate

    With the world becoming increasingly reliant on big data, analytics and number crunching, the field that has emerged is data science. Over the past few years, companies which sell any kind of products or services to consumers have seen a shift towards using data to make appropriate decisions and predict future trends. With the use of sophisticated technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, these businesses have discovered new ways to satisfy customers. In this process, a considerable number of positions for data scientists have been created.

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  6. Top 10 Interview Questions Asked for Data Science Jobs

    Data science is one of the hottest new professions in the world today. As businesses search for innovative ways to target audiences, data plays a fundamental role in the process. Therefore, data scientists are potential assets that organizations are in dire need of. However, they won’t be hiring unless they find the right fit. Here are some of the questions employers go through while searching for the best candidate:

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  7. What everyone needs to know about cybersecurity career

    The foundations of our world have increasingly become dependent on the digital infrastructure that has been built under it. Individuals and organizations have built cyberspaces through which they communicate and share information with one another. The safety of these networks is of utmost importance because every type of sensitive data flow through them.

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  8. The 8 Best Cybersecurity Companies and Why Are They Best?

    Cybersecurity is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It must be because on the other hand, the losses being caused by hackers and other cybercriminals are in trillions. $6 trillion by the end of 2021 to be exact, a number which has seen a surge to become twice as what it was just five years ago. There are several companies around the world working to curb the menace of cybercrime. Some of these include:

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