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  1. Why Data Scientist is The Most Promising Job of 2019 and beyond

    Why Data Scientist is The Most Promising Job of 2019 and beyond

    With the advancements being made in the field of technology, the data science is progressing from datasets cleaning to using statistical techniques to incorporate data analysis, data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning, occupational intelligence, and many other things. Many people have this thought that the tech industry is making a hype about data science, and it will eventually go away. But unfortunately, this is not the truth. The reality is data science is just expanding and stretching from one field to another. The reason behind this growing popularity is its diversity as it is being used in almost every industry we can think of, such as logistics and transportation, retail and e-commerce, finance, real estate, health-care and off-course technology, and cyber industry.

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  2. The 5 Best Linux Certifications for 2019

    Technology is everywhere. It’s evolving into different forms and taking over the whole world bit by bit. As an IT professional, it’s challenging to face the practical world, which is full of complex processes that demand excellent skills and plenty of effort to understand technology like never and to provide quick solutions while keeping the conceptual frameworks in mind.

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  3. Steps to become a back-end Web Developer

    As we know, that web development is mainly categorized into three different types of web development which are:

    1. Front end web development
    2. Back end web development
    3. Full-stack web development

    Amongst these three, a full stack web developer has the ability to do it all; he can develop both client and server-side software. He is able to program browser, server, and database even. But it’s not a cup of tea for everyone, as it requires a lot of knowledge about programming languages and software designing.

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  4. Web Developer vs. Software Engineer - Which career path to choose?

    Choosing a specific career path can be a tough decision. A decision you might not want to regret years later if you failed to keep up with the pace. But this isn’t the case with web developers and software engineers. They have to keep up with the changing trends of the dynamic web development industry, and they know it even before signing up for it as a career.

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  5. Learning Resources to Pass Microsoft Azure Certification's Exam

    It’s good to deal to earn certification if your company is partnered with Microsoft. Microsoft Azure is a cloud solution by Microsoft to help organizations and corporates develop, station, and maintain their business in a most effective manner. There are several distinct reasons to earn Microsoft Azure Administrator Certifications and get enroll for the Microsoft Azure exams. If you are reading this article, you already have decided that you want to appear in a Microsoft Azure exam and earn a certification. 

    Cracking exams is all about having a smart schedule, strategy, and direction. Let's see how.

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  6. Six Skills You Need to Succeed in Cybersecurity

    Skills provide insights about a person’s sound mind and abilities in a practical world. The more the skills, the better the person is to perform in a job role. Although it’s also essential to gain relevant skills, it can be a challenging task to enhance your skills by every passing hour.

    Several professionals working in the tech-specific industry or a dynamic environment understand the need for fulfilling the skills gap efficiently so they can get timely promotions, increments, and recognition in their job fields. An incredible skillset is also a sign of growth and elevates you towards your road to success.

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  7. PMP Certification Study Guide

    PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMP is the most popular globally recognized and respected certification for project management professionals. Following certification is globally offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI captures global best practices to deliver the project successfully.

    Companies across the world are looking for professionals who are not only talented and experienced but also hold relevant professional certifications such as PMP.

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  8. Phases of Project Management Life cycle

    Whether you’re working on a small initiative with fundamental business goals or a detailed project, an understanding of the project management life cycle is crucial. The project management life cycle is a high-level process for the successful completion of the project. For every 1 billion USD invested in different projects by US companies, around 120 million USD was wasted due to a lack of organized project plans.

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