About Wagner College

Wagner College opened its doors in 1883, as the Lutheran Proseminary of Rochester, N.Y. Later renamed after the son of the institute’s earliest primary benefactor, it became a symbol of academic excellence, quickly growing into the liberal arts haven it is today. Offering a number of liberal arts and science-based faculties, Wagner College produces talented and highly skilled artists and professionals. Following are some of the primary features of Wagner College:

  • An intellectually stimulating and rewarding educational experience.
  • Culturally and ethnically diverse student population.
  • High academic excellence standards.
  • A blend of liberal and scientific education programs.

Wagner College is committed to its objective of educating and developing talented young minds; creating highly valuable professional artists and researchers.

Why We Created the Online Bootcamp Programs

The bootcamp programs were created due to a desire to introduce quality, targeted learning to a diverse set of learners, including both professionals and students. A viable alternative to degree programs, the bootcamps are beneficial to a vast variety of learners who are interested in the courses.

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